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Welcome to Our Practice

Northern Sun Family Healthcare is located at 53 Main Street in Topsham. As naturopathic family practice doctors and midwives at Northern Sun, we provide holistic medical care for the whole family.

Dr. Sarah Ackerly specializes in both naturopathic medicine and midwifery; in her care, she combines nutritional information and naturopathic therapies with a traditional check up much like old-time family practice doctors. She also provide annual exams, well baby/child visits, sports physicals and can order screening or diagnostic lab work as needed.

Dr. Paula Cluney specializes in both naturopathic medicine and homeopathy; she focuses on constitutional homeopathic prescribing and clinical nutrition. She also provides annual exams, well child exams, sports physicals and can order screening or diagnostic lab work as needed.

Dr. Carrie Werner specializes in both naturopathic medicine and midwifery. She focuses on women's health and pediatrics and frequently sees people for stress and chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, fertility and preconception support, gastrointestinal disturbances and autoimmune diseases. Additionally Carrie provides annual well women exams, well baby and child visits, sport physicals and orders screening and diagnostic lab work.

Sarah and Carrie are committed to offering individualized education and counseling during prenatal care, continuous hands on care during labor, birth and postpartum. Dr. Ackerly and Dr. Werner continue to see babies for their well-baby care and throughout their childhood. They enjoy seeing you and your little ones grow and thrive, and are happy to offer your family continuity of care.

In this section, we welcome you to learn more about Dr. Sarah Ackerly, Dr. Paula Cluney and Dr. Carrie Werner and the services that we provide at Northern Sun. To go deeper into the site to learn about our naturopathic healthcare, the Birth Center at Northern Sun and our midwifery services for southern and midcoast Maine, please click on the links in the left sidebar.

Additionally, you can learn about other independent providers and their services located in the same building at 53 Main Street, including acupuncture with Cheri Suzuki.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with the practitioners at Northern Sun, please call to speak to our Office Manager at (207)798-3993 or email us at northernsunhealthcare@gmail.com.